Whether you need a durable paint finish for an off-shore environment or have a clients request for a wet paint coating, Ercon wet paint solutions are designed specifically for your needs. With a huge amount of applications, it is the perfect choice for your requirements.

Wet paint coatings are useful for:

  • Most metal surfaces
  • Heat vulnerable components
  • Parts with mixed materials
  • Corrosion resistance
  • A range of finishes available

Wet paint coating systems are especially useful when parts contain heat vulnerable components or parts of mixed material. Whatever you need, our wet paint is suitable for most metal surfaces, making it the perfect choice for durability and protection.

Designed for durability

Our wet paint is designed to last, more importantly its durability is flexible to your needs. Ercon can offer a standard stoving enamel right up to a 2 pack high build 4 coat wet paint system to provide the protection and durability required.

To enquire about wet paint coatings for your projects, sign up for a powder coating expert to contact you.