Effective cleaning and preparation of components

The Pre-treatment of material is a very important chemical process in which the surface of the component to be painted is cleaned and prepared for the coating operation.

We have two fully automatic powder coating lines both of which offer an in-line automatic spray pre-treatment process that can cater for work sizes 4M long x 1M wide x 2M high. Our carefully monitored process has achieved 1000 hours of salt spray resistance.

Ercon use the following methods:
Iron Phosphate

We use a 3 stage Iron phosphate system to prepare metal fabrications.

The first stage being the combined degrease iron phosphate which both cleans the substrate and then provides a phosphate conversion to ensure the best possible powder adhesion. There then follows 2 stages of water rinses to rinse the product prior to drying.

Our technicians constantly measure the conditions of the chemical bath such as temperature and chemical strength to ensure the process is always performing at its best.


A process to chemically remove scale or oxide from steel to obtain a clean surface. An inhibitor is added to prevent attack and pitting of the cleaned metal. After pickling, a washing process takes place followed by immersion in a limewater bath to neutralise any remaining acid.

We use the pickling process for thin gauge materials.

We believe that correct pre-treatment is an essential part of the coating and painting process and our team will assess the most effective method to achieve our customer’s end result. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, please contact us for advice.

Once pre-treated we can offer customers a variety of coating processes such as metal spraying, e-coat, powder coating and paint spraying.

To enquire about how Ercon can pretreat your products for powder coating, sign up for a powder coating expert to contact you.