Why Choose Powder Coating To Finish Your Products?

Powder coating is the application of a dry film powder to a ground workpiece and once cured produces a high quality and durable finish. It is much tougher than a wet paint application and is more resistant to moisture, UV, Chemicals and impacts than a wet application.

Today’s powders are extremely advanced and are available in an almost limitless variety of textures and colours.

Powder Coating is a more environmentally friendly way of coating products and with our hi-tech recover plant, we reduce powder waste to an absolute minimum.

The Powder Coating Service For The West Midlands

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality and cost-effective powder coating service in the West Midlands, Ercon could be your perfect partner.
Ercon have over 35 years of experience in powder coating, and are proud to provide our expertise to blue-chip businesses right across the West Midlands region and beyond, including

• Bilston
• Birmingham
• Cannock
• Coventry
• Dudley
• Kidderminster
• Lichfield
• Solihull
• Stafford
• Stourbridge
• Telford
• Walsall
• West Bromwich
• Wolverhampton

We have excellent access to powder manufacturers, many of whom are based locally. We can obtain most powders within 48 hours. Any special requirements or finishes not in stock can be manufactured as a special batch usually within a couple of weeks.

Please contact us for information on your application and its desired finish.

We Understand Your Powder Coating Needs

Ercon was formed in 1983 and remains a successful family run business to this day. Our aim is to provide the highest possible service to our customers and ensure that each customer, be they small drop in jobs or large multi-coating contracts, feel that they have received a level of care and attention unparalleled in our industry.

At Ercon we understand that the finishing process can often be the final part of the manufacturing puzzle before your products are sent out for installation or assembled in-house and despatched to the end customer.

We appreciate how vital it is that the time to deliver to you from receipt of your products at our factory should be kept to an absolute minimum. Any delays can result in you having engineers either in-house or on-site experiencing unwanted and sometimes costly delays.

Our standard turnaround time is 48 hours. If you have an extraordinary requirement please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Investment In Quality

We understand that quality is of prime importance to you. Whether that be the quality of the finished product or the quality of the service we offer.

This is why we have heavily invested in equipment, quality systems, training and health and safety to ensure that the product and service that you receive from Ercon is second to none.

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality powder coating. Our processes and systems are regularly independently audited and maintained. We are ISO9001:2015 certified to give you the confidence and trust in us to provide you with a superb level of quality on every job.

Our staff are trained in all aspects of powder application and inspection. We work with local training providers to ensure that our employees are up to date with latest health and safety issues along with best practice techniques for management and application.

We are proud that most of our staff have been with us for many years and have contributed enormously to the success of our customers and Ercon.

We have recently invested in new application and testing equipment, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technology when it comes to applying the powder and then checking the quality of the finish.

Not only is investing in new equipment vital it is also important to ensure that our existing equipment is invested in and maintained on a regular basis. We recognise that any issues with our plant will have a negative impact on both the finish quality and turnaround time that we offer.

We have two conveyorised powder coating lines and a small sampling booth enabling us to better react to our customer’s needs. Our plants will accommodate a maximum of 4.2M long x 2M tall x 1M wide workpieces ensuring a huge variety and number of parts can be processed at any one time.

We believe in partnerships with our customers and work hard to accommodate even the most challenging of turnaround times always mindful of the impact that we have on your business.

In addition, we have our own transport. Assisting in our quick turnaround we can collect from yourselves and return your goods to you as soon as they have been coated. Again eliminating possible areas of delay.

We like to think that if we contributed in any way to our customer’s success then that would result in recommendations and a continued powder coating partnership.

Committed To A Great Result Every Time

Our systems and processes are designed to ensure that you get a great finish and service from us on every part of every job, time after time.

All parts are inspected for transit damage prior to us starting a job. You are notified of any potential issues and the parts are quarantined before we start the job. We don’t believe that coating a damaged part will help you later down the line.

We ensure that our shop floor is continually cleaned to prevent any atmospheric contamination of your parts, ensuring a top quality finish, free of unsightly defects and inclusions.

In order to achieve the best finish, your product needs to be cleaned properly before being powder coated. During the cleaning process, a phosphate layer will be added to ensure that the powder achieves a greater adhesion to the substrate. This cannot be achieved by using a simple wipe down technique.

Both of our powder coating lines have inline spray pre-treatment systems. We are continually working with our chemical suppliers to ensure that we are utilising the latest chemicals that offer the best adhesion along with the most environmentally friendly application.

Once the parts have been coated we then have to ensure that the goods are packed carefully to ensure that they arrive at your premises in perfect condition.

We are more than happy to work to your packaging specifications and recognised that packing requirements vary enormously between different customers. You may require robust packaging for individual parts and boxes labelling ready for despatch to their customers, or simply putting your parts onto pallets. Let us know what you require and we would be happy to accommodate!

Always Happy To Help

If you need a reliable and flexible powder coater as a long-term partner for your manufacturing process, the new would be delighted to hear from you.

You are welcome to visit our factory and get first-hand insight into how we work and what we can do for you.

Please contact us to discuss your powder coating needs.

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