Powder coating is a finishing method that adds a decorative component to various surfaces. The technique has become a viable paint alternative. Unlike painting, coating with powder does not require any solvents.

The method involves the use of an electrostatic spray gun to apply a powder that contains pigments and resins. We offer coating services for all kinds of products; whether domestic, industrial or commercial.

One of the biggest benefits of coating with powder, especially on metals, is durability since it protects surfaces against scratching, fading and chipping. It is also environmentally safe. Liquid solvents that are necessary for traditional painting jobs contain volatile organic compounds, which are dangerous to nature. The absence of solvents in our method eliminates such a risk because the VOC amounts, if any, are negligible.

Numerous products and surfaces can get coated with the technique. They include kitchen appliances, garden furniture, architecture extrusions, fencing and much more.

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