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Each and every Ercon powder coating project is bespoke. Your products won’t look the same as anyone else’s. The style of your finish comes down to your taste and needs.

Because of this, our finishing services are individually priced based on your specification.

However, we can give you a baseline of the kind of prices that you can expect your powder coating projects to incur.

How We Calculate Your Powder Coating Price

How Powder Coating Prices Are Calculated

Ercon is a quality-first powder coater.  This means that we take a wide range of factors into account when pricing your project:

  • the weight of the powder
  • the transfer efficiency for your components*
  • the required thickness of the powder
  • the type of powder: epoxy, urethane, polyester TGIC, acrylic
  • any required colour matching
  • the required powder colours
  • the required texture
  • the component size(s)
  • the required application method(s)
  • the level of required pre-treatment

Prices are based on the number of square feet that your components measure.  This means that larger surfaces are the most cost-effective to powder coat, as these have the best transfer efficiency.

The price of powder coating decreases in line with increases in the number of components or surface area.  Our most cost-effective projects are large orders.

*Transfer efficiency is calculated by dividing the amount of powder applied to the component by the amount of powder that adheres to the component.

Powder Coating Pricing

Ercon calculates pricing for large sheet, flashings and panels per square metre.  Given our powder transfer efficiency and the work size that we can process, this tends to be one of the most cost-effective powder coating methods.

To guarantee process repeatability and a cost-effective solution, our pricing strategy covers application using automatic powder coating equipment, recovery equipment and an in-line spray degrease iron phosphate cleaning process preceding the coating.

For advice on how these prices apply to your project and to get a quote, sign up to speak to an expert.

Once you’ve got your quote, your project is ready to begin.  We’re located in the district of Wolverhampton, easily accessible from Birmingham and Coventry, amongst other West Midlands cities.

About Ercon

Ercon is a leading provider in the West Midlands for powder coating solutions.  Based in Wolverhampton’s Bilston, Ercon provides customers with finished products of the highest quality and reliability, complete with bespoke packaging arrangements to suit individual requirements. Ercon’s cost-effective planning and zero-defect procedures ensure premium quality across automotive, defence, domestic, medical, retail and specialist sectors.

Established in 1983, Ercon has provided over thirty-five years of experience and expertise in powder coating, making us a leading provider in the West Midlands, with easy access to major cities; Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry. We constantly strive for recognition as a world class company who invest in a total quality culture. Our ‘right first time, on time’ always prevails.

Alongside powder coating, Ercon also provides machining and assembly services.

Contact us at

16-17 Spring Vale Business Park, Union Street, Bilston, WV14 0QL

+44 1902 491011

LinkedIn: Ercon Powder Coating

Facebook: Ercon Powder Coatings Ltd


Utech, Bob, A Guide to High-Performance Powder Coating (Michigan, USA: Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2002), p. 29.

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