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Powder coating provides a high-quality, attractive finish and long-lasting durability, making it the best option for a wide range of products.  It is no surprise that powder coating has become increasingly popular over the last few years and continues to grow in popularity in 2018.

Located in Bilston, with easy access to Wolverhampton and Birmingham, industry leader, Ercon Ltd provides tailored powder coating solutions.  Ercon are the leading provider of powder coating in the West Midlands; we have a track record of powder coating items to the highest quality, bringing them to life in an assortment of beautiful shades and textures.

Ercon powder coat a variety of components in any colour

So, What Does Ercon’s Process Look Like?


Before products are coated, they are pre-treated to thoroughly clean all components.  Pre-treatment is vital in preventing the powder coating from chipping.  Components are machine cleaned to remove traces of soils, which are often petroleum, oil, smut or silicone based.  Ercon uses two pre-treatment methods; the Iron Phosphate method and the Pickling method.

  • Iron Phosphate: a three-stage system during which the substrate is cleaned with a combined degrease iron phosphate.  This provides a phosphate conversion to ensure maximum adhesion.  Technicians constantly measure the temperature and chemical strength of the chemical bath to ensure the pre-treatment is performing at its best.  Two water rinses and a drying phase complete the process.
  • Pickling (for thin gauge metals): a process that chemically removes scale or oxide from steel to leave a clean surface.  An inhibitor is used to prevent attack and pitting of cleaned metal.  Components then undergo a washing process and are immersed in lime water to neutralise any remaining acid.

Following pre-treatment, drying ovens are used to dry all parts; these ovens heat to a maximum of 140⁰C.

Definition of pre-treatment, powder coating

Powder Coating

When pre-treatment is complete, components are ready for powder coating.  Suppliers and customers have a full choice between our extensive range of colours and textures to achieve the design best suited to each individual project.

Powder coating is usually applied electrostatically.  The process is based on the principle of opposite electric charges.  An electrostatic spraying gun (also known as a corona gun) negatively charges powder particles during the coating process in a spraying booth.  This creates an electric field between the spray gun and the component, through which the powder adheres to the item.  Nozzles are selected for electrostatic coating based on the size and shape of the component that is being powder coated.

The simplicity of the process allows for automation in many projects.  Larger surface areas are sprayed using the automatic machinery, and smaller, intricate parts are sprayed by hand. Ercon uses two overhead conveyor automatic powder coating lines, both with degrease.

Any powder that doesn’t adhere to the product falls into a collection hopper, from which it is sieved and re-used to minimise waste.  This is one of the main reasons behind powder coating’s utilisation efficiency of 90-95%, environmental benefits and enormous cost savings compared to liquid coating processes.


Once powder-coated, components are baked in a curing oven.  The heat causes the powder to melt around the item, forming a uniform coating that will provide long-lasting durability and an attractive finish.  Ercon uses high-temperature ovens of up to 240⁰C.  After curing, the components are cooled until hardened.


Spray booths are cleaned between product batches to avoid colour contamination.  Plastic booths are cleaned with boat hull cleaner.  Most leftover powder is re-used, but any residual powder in a hose or hopper is easily blown to the extraction point of the booth using compressed air.  However, excess powder coating is often emulsified in water and can be drained without disposal costs.


Suppliers and customers choose from our range of packaging options or make special requirements in advance of their project.

Ercon's packaging range includes

  • Foam packaging between parts
  • Palletised packaging
  • Cardboard packaging between layers
  • Shrink wrapping

Certified BS EN ISO 9001 and Quality Control

Ercon is quality-focused; we pride our work on being of the best possible standard.  All components are meticulously inspected to ensure maximum durability, finest design and perfect match to specification.  Ercon is certified BS EN ISO 9001; all products are coated with you in mind.

Ercon's quality control process involves checking all parts against the specified thickness of coating and level of gloss.  Any parts that do not pass visual inspection are brought to a supervisor's attention and quarantined until a recoating process.

We Can Meet Your Powder Coating Needs

Powder coating, right first time, on time

Ercon powder coating delivers superior cosmetic, protective and longevity benefits, providing chemical resistance.  To discuss options for your powder coating project, contact us.

About Ercon

Ercon is the leading provider in the West Midlands for powder coating solutions.  Based in Wolverhampton’s Bilston, with easy access to Birmingham, Ercon provides customers with finished products of the highest quality and reliability, complete with bespoke packaging arrangements to suit individual requirements.  Established in 1983, Ercon has provided over 35 years of experience and expertise in powder coating.  Our cost-effective planning and zero-defect procedures ensure premium quality across automotive, defence, domestic, medical, retail and specialist sectors.  We constantly strive for recognition as a world-class company who invest in a total quality culture.  Our ‘right first time, on time’ always prevails.

Alongside powder coating, Ercon also provides machining and assembly services.

Contact us at

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01902 491011

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